Good debt vs. bad debt

Debt is good (sometimes). Of course the best kind of debt is the kind you could afford to pay off in a single month. Borrowing money (revolving or fixed terms) is a way of life for most consumerist mentality purchases. Because most of these type purchases are made on credit cards, revolving debt like credit … Continue reading Good debt vs. bad debt

How does interest work with debt

If you’ve ever purchased a house, car, or opened a credit card, then you’ve dealtwith interest. Interest is the price that someone pays for using someone else’smoney. For example, when you are the borrower, you pay interest. When you arethe lender, you earn interest, such as when you open a savings account.How Does Interest Work … Continue reading How does interest work with debt

How much student debt is too much?

Whether you are a high school student preparing to go to college or a career professional considering returning to school for a different degree, student debt can be overwhelming. There are mixed theories regarding student debt loads. Some people believe it is okay to take out as much as required to pay for tuition and … Continue reading How much student debt is too much?

What is a credit score?

If you have used a credit card or bought something on credit, then chances are that you have a credit score. Hopefully this isn’t your first time hearing about it! Credit scores are designed to represent your ability to manage credit and pay your bills on time. Your credit score is calculated using the information … Continue reading What is a credit score?

COVID-19 and its Impact on Debt

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached America in March 2020, the longest economic expansion in U.S. history ended. Almost every part of the U.S. economy was affected as businesses were shut down or limited to operating at a quarter of what they had been before. Many Americans experienced unemployment or significant financial loss. This dramatic decrease … Continue reading COVID-19 and its Impact on Debt

What is the Debt-to-Income Ratio?

The most important indicators of overall financial health are a good credit score and a solid debt to income ratio. While your debt-to-income ratio does not affect your credit score, it can help determine how comfortable you should be with your current debt amount, and help you decide on how much credit is right for … Continue reading What is the Debt-to-Income Ratio?

What is a Good APR for a Credit Card?

APRs, or annual percentage rates, are important to consider when applying for a credit card. Essentially, an APR is indicative of how much you will have to pay if you miss payments on your card. Average APRs in the U.S. change, admittedly not by extreme margins, and so a ‘good’ APR can vary and depends … Continue reading What is a Good APR for a Credit Card?

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

Standard credit card usage can be difficult to determine, as it can vary from person to person. Some people swear off credit cards, while others have healthy or unhealthy relationships with them. Having a credit card has clear benefits but should not be abused. If you are wondering what is right for you when it … Continue reading How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

What Lenders Don’t Tell You

In order to better understand what people believe to be true about creditor and consumer relationships, one of our partner companies recently published a survey to ask consumers four very simple questions. The results of the survey were truly shocking.

Prioritizing Our Clients

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