Why Budgeting Apps Are Great

We get it. Budgeting requires great discipline. One of the hardest parts of managing your finances is building a budget (which our team of debt experts can help you with), but the harder part is following the budget that we help you create.

Prioritizing Our Clients

Focus on client service excellence has paid off big time for us! We were overwhelmed with positive feedback for our client service teams in June. Thank you for taking the time to make us smile! We're excited to be helping more people than ever before with our debt programs designed for a tight budget.

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Using Covid-19 Stimulus Check to Pay Down Debt

More than 16 million people are out of a job (while millions more hang onto their jobs in this stressful and uncertain environment), worrying about how to pay bills, rent, debt and make it through the economic downturn, as a result of the coronavirus. Thankfully, Americans are responding to the COVID-19 crisis with wonderful acts … Continue reading Using Covid-19 Stimulus Check to Pay Down Debt

Buying a Car Based on Your Credit Score

So, you want to buy a new car? This can be an exciting or downright stressful experience. There’s dealing with pushy salespeople and shopping around for the perfect ride. However, if you have a good credit score, you may have a more pleasurable car buying experience. Why? Well, because obtaining an auto loan has a … Continue reading Buying a Car Based on Your Credit Score

3 Ways to Save $100 a Month off the Family Budget

What would it mean to your financial picture to have an extra $100 each month in your bank account? You could pay down your high interest credit cards, start a savings account or begin investing. If you saved just $100 per month, that's an extra $1200 each year.

Debt Relief and Marriage

Two of the most difficult paths to navigate in our lives are money and marriage, but when done successfully, they can each bring us joy and fulfillment beyond measure. Unfortunately the opposite is true as well. When done poorly, they can bring us pain and misery. That is why it is imperative to plan ahead … Continue reading Debt Relief and Marriage

20 Ways to Save More Money This Year

The New Year is always a time for reflection and goal setting. One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to save more money. Millions of people pledge at the start of every year that they will make it a goal to save more money. As with most New Year’s resolutions, we start out … Continue reading 20 Ways to Save More Money This Year

Budgeting for a New Baby

Money has a way of disappearing from your wallet. If you have a new baby then you may be aware of just how fast money can disappear. From the costs of diapers and clothing to medical expenses, having a new baby is an expensive decision. So, what do you do if you’re trying to make … Continue reading Budgeting for a New Baby

5 Tips to Recover from Holiday 2017 Overspending

Whew! Christmas is over, things went off without a hitch, the kids are happy with their presents and there you sit with a pile of receipts and credit card bills that could sink the Titanic. Ok, maybe it would only sink the S. S. Mino, but it certainly feels like the Titanic. Don't let your … Continue reading 5 Tips to Recover from Holiday 2017 Overspending

4 Tips for Successful Debt Management

Managing debt can seem like quite the task to take on. Many people don't even know where to begin. Oftentimes, when things seem like are at their worst, people can start feeling like there's no way to bounce back financially. However, I've come up with four tips that can help anyone manage their debt more … Continue reading 4 Tips for Successful Debt Management